In Conversation


Episode Summary

Liz Warner has a remote studio-to-studio conversation with Detroit-based electronic/punk duo ADULT. about art, music and the Real McCoy.

Episode Notes

ADULT. In Conversation with Liz Warner

Detroit-based duo ADULT. have defied definition and expectations throughout their two-decade existence. Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller have incorporated the space-wave electronic elements of Detroit techno and matched it with the unbridled raw power of rock, creating a sound that’s all their own. Thanks to technology and some remote studio trickery, the two were able to have a conversation about ADULT.’s art (both visual and sound) and how their new record is centered on the notion of perception — a topic that would be given new life under unusual current world events with Coronavirus at the forefront.

Hear the original broadcast of this interview on Alternate Take from April 11, 2020, complete with music and a playlist. Thanks to ADULT. for not only their time, but for their significant contribution to the recording of this interview, and for somehow managing to find a way to sing the lyrics to a song by Drexciya. To see the images referenced during the interview, visit

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